The Patriotism and Immigration Pack [Add-On]

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The Patriotism and Immigration Pack [Add-On] for GTA 5
The Patriotism and Immigration Pack [Add-On] for GTA 5
The Patriotism and Immigration Pack [Add-On] for GTA 5
The Patriotism and Immigration Pack [Add-On] for GTA 5
The Patriotism and Immigration Pack [Add-On] for GTA 5

Introducing The Patriotism and Immigration Pack, a comprehensive and immersive vehicle modification for Grand Theft Auto V that enhances the in-game National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) equipment and experience. Protect the citizens of Los Santos with this exciting pack, which includes upgraded vehicles and two new NOOSE-related pedestrians.

Real-World Basis:
- The concept for this pack is inspired by real-life security enforcement agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
- The patriotic theme aims to reflect these organizations' dedication to maintaining public safety and protecting national borders

Mod Features:
- NOOSE Cruiser and NOOSE Patriot vehicles, returning from GTA IV and revamped with improved lightbars, liveries, trunk equipment, police console, laptop, and more
- Upgraded Riot and Annihilator vehicles with enhanced liveries, emergency lights, and features such as working spotlights and usable machine guns
- Unarmed Annihilator variant with functional side doors and without machine guns
- Two new NOOSE-related pedestrian models: a uniformed officer based on TSA and CBP officers, and a field operator inspired by ICE and CBP field agents
- Improvement of in-game NOOSE TRU agent model with an additional helmet option
- Addition of vehicles and peds from the pack to the game through scenarios, without the need for third-party trainers or scripts
- Custom soundbanks, shards, and siren settings IDs 992 and 993

Installation Instructions:

To install The Patriotism and Immigration Pack vehicle mod, follow these steps:

1. Extract the "annihilator" folder from the downloaded archive
2. Copy the contents of the "annihilator" folder to the appropriate file paths within the game using the provided folders and instructions
3. Ensure that the new model names (noosecruiser, noosepatriot, unannihilator) do not conflict with any existing mods
4. Add the PED model names (S_M_Y_Noose_01, S_M_Y_Noose_02) to the relevant game files
5. Launch the game and enjoy your newly installed Patriotism and Immigration Pack modification

Vehicle Model Names:
- noosecruiser: NOOSE Cruiser
- noosepatriot: NOOSE Patriot
- unannihilator: Unarmed NOOSE Annihilator

Ped Model Names:
- S_M_Y_Noose_01: NO