Imponte Dukes (dukes)

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Imponte Dukes (dukes) for GTA 5
Imponte Dukes (dukes) for GTA 5
Imponte Dukes (dukes) for GTA 5
Imponte Dukes (dukes) for GTA 5
Imponte Dukes (dukes) for GTA 5

The Imponte Dukes, often referred to as just “Dukes,” is a quintessential muscle car in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). Whether you’re driving it around Los Santos or participating in a street race, the Dukes is sure to turn heads and provide an exhilarating driving experience.


The Imponte Dukes is modeled after the 1968-1970 Dodge Charger with some customization and modifications done to it. As a muscle car, it has impressive speed and acceleration, and with its rear-wheel drive, it’s perfect for drifting and performing stunts.

The Dukes has a highly responsive and precise handling, making it ideal for quick maneuvers and sharp turns. It also has reasonable braking ability, given its size and weight that can cause it to tip over while braking hard.

The Dukes has a strong body with good resistance to collisions and gunfire. Therefore, the player can use it as a getaway car when running from the police. Additionally, it has two doors and accommodates two people, making it a great multiplayer car.

Features and variants

The Imponte Dukes has various features that make it stand out as an excellent muscle car in GTA 5. These features include;

- Engine customization: The car has a V8 engine with various upgrade options that the player can purchase, making the car faster, more efficient, and more powerful.

- Color customization: The Dukes has a range of vibrant colors that players can choose from, allowing them to customize the car according to their preferences.

- Unique trigger horn: The Dukes has a unique trigger horn that produces a loud and distinct sound, different from other cars in GTA 5.

In addition to the regular Dukes, there are two modified variants available in the game; the Dukes O'Death and the Dukes of Death. These cars have modifications that give them increased speed, handling, and durability.


All in all, the Imponte Dukes is a fantastic muscle car in GTA 5 that provides excellent performance and style. It is ideal for street racing, getaway missions, and freestyle driving around the city. With its customization options and various upgraded variants, the Dukes is a car worth experiencing in the game.