Ariel Atom V8 [Add-On | Extras]

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Ariel Atom V8 [Add-On | Extras] for GTA 5
Ariel Atom V8 [Add-On | Extras] for GTA 5
Ariel Atom V8 [Add-On | Extras] for GTA 5
Ariel Atom V8 [Add-On | Extras] for GTA 5
Ariel Atom V8 [Add-On | Extras] for GTA 5

Introducing the Ariel Atom V8 vehicle modification for Grand Theft Auto V. Experience unparalleled speed and performance with this lightweight, high-powered sports car.

Real-World Basis:

- The Ariel Atom V8 is a British-engineered track-ready sports car.
- Known for its lightweight construction and powerful V8 engine.
- Well-regarded for its agile handling and acceleration, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and track day attendees alike.

Features of this Mod:

- Version 1.2 improvements including added license plate with daytime LED lights, repositioning of steering wheel, dials, driver, and headlights, and collision added to extras.
- Custom suspension (competition suspension) and 14-degree front wheel casters for realistic handling.
- Digital dial and various steering wheel texture options.
- Multiple usable paint options such as primary, secondary, pearlescent, dashboard color, and interior color.
- Daytime brake light, daytime headlight, and daytime reverse light.
- Passenger seat functionality and drive bay options with optional files.
- Version 1.1 and Version 1.0 compatibility.

Installation Instructions:

1. Copy the "atom" folder to the file path "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/".
2. Open OpenIV, navigate to 'dlclist.xml' in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/". Add "dlcpacks:/atom/".

Unleash the true potential of the Ariel Atom V8 in Grand Theft Auto V with this immersive and detailed vehicle modification. Designed to bring you the thrill of driving this high-performance British sports car in-game, the mod replicates the car's lightweight design and powerful V8 engine. Enhance your driving experience with the Ariel Atom V8's agile handling, rapid acceleration, and sharp looks, making it the perfect track car to add to your GTA V garage.

Car brand: Ariel