Volvo 940 STV [Add-On]

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Volvo 940 STV [Add-On] for GTA 5
Volvo 940 STV [Add-On] for GTA 5
Volvo 940 STV [Add-On] for GTA 5
Volvo 940 STV [Add-On] for GTA 5
Volvo 940 STV [Add-On] for GTA 5

Introducing the Volvo 940 STV vehicle modification for Grand Theft Auto V. This remarkable Volvo 945 adaptation allows you to experience the charm and reliability of this classic Swedish car, now available in the immersive world of GTA V.

Real-World Basis:
- The Volvo 940 is a part of the Volvo 900 Series, a line of mid-size cars produced by the Swedish automaker from 1990 to 1998.
- Featuring a sturdy build, comfortable interior, and reliable performance, the Volvo 940 has gained a reputation for its safety and longevity.
- The 900 Series is a continuation of Volvo's commitment to producing safe, durable, and practical vehicles, making them popular among car enthusiasts and collectors.

Features of this Mod:
- Faithful conversion of the Volvo 945 into the world of GTA V.
- Customizable wheels with changeable color options.
- Ability to add neons for a unique and stylish look.
- Secondary color customization for bumpers, window, and door details.
- Installation as an add-on, allowing for seamless integration into the game.

Installation Instructions:

1. Extract the "940stv" folder from the downloaded modification files.

2. Place the "940stv" folder in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks within your GTA V directory.

3. Export "dlclist.xml" from mods\update\update.rpf\common\data to your desktop using OpenIV. Open the file with any text editor, and add the following line to the end: dlcpacks:/940stv/

4. Import "dlclist.xml" back to its original location (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data) using OpenIV.

5. Launch the game, and use any trainer to spawn the car using the spawn name: "940stv".

Known Bugs:
- Hands not positioned correctly on the steering wheel.
- Engine bay appearance issues.
- Non-functional speedometer.
- Windows do not break upon impact.

The Volvo 940 STV mod promises to bring the distinctive appeal and dependable performance of this classic Swedish car to Grand Theft Auto V. Immerse yourself in the engaging driving experience offered by this unique vehicle, and explore the streets of Los Santos in style and safety with the Volvo 940 STV mod.

Car brand: Volvo