BMW M5 [Add-On]

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BMW M5   [Add-On] for GTA 5
BMW M5   [Add-On] for GTA 5
BMW M5   [Add-On] for GTA 5
BMW M5   [Add-On] for GTA 5
BMW M5   [Add-On] for GTA 5

Introducing the BMW M5 vehicle modification for Grand Theft Auto V. This luxurious and high-performance car features changeable rims, perfect working lights, paintable body, breakable glass, operable doors and hands-on wheel. The mod also comes with an add-on vehicle feature for an immersive in-game experience.

Real-World Vehicle Information:
- The BMW M5 is a high-performance variant of the BMW 5 Series produced by the German car manufacturer BMW since 1984.
- The sixth-generation BMW M5 was introduced in 2017, featuring a powerful engine, all-wheel drive, and an advanced suspension system.

Mod Features:
- BMW M5 model with sleek exterior and luxurious interior
- Changeable rims for a customized look
- Lights work perfectly in-game
- Paintable body for the perfect color scheme
- Breakable glass for added realism
- Hands-on wheel for a immersive driving experience
- Operable doors for easy entry and exit

Installation Instructions:
1. Extract the downloaded file and drag the "m5" folder into your "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks" directory
2. Use OpenIV to open the "dlclist.xml" file located in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data"
3. Add the following line: "< Item >dlcpacks:/m5/< /Item >"
4. Save the file and close OpenIV
5. Restart the game and spawn the vehicle using the name "m5"

- Base model provided by Mr ChocoTaco

Note: Read the included install instructions for a more detailed guide on installing the mod.

Car brand: BMW