2019 Audi TT RS [Add-On / Replace]

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2019 Audi TT RS [Add-On / Replace] for GTA 5
2019 Audi TT RS [Add-On / Replace] for GTA 5
2019 Audi TT RS [Add-On / Replace] for GTA 5
2019 Audi TT RS [Add-On / Replace] for GTA 5
2019 Audi TT RS [Add-On / Replace] for GTA 5

Introducing the 2019 Audi TT RS vehicle modification for Grand Theft Auto V. Elevate your driving experience with this high-performance and stylish sports car that combines luxury with power, offering unprecedented excitement in the virtual automotive world.

Real-World Basis:

- The Audi TT RS is a compact sports car designed and manufactured by Audi, a well-known German automaker.
- First introduced in 2009, the TT RS represents the top-of-the-line variant in the Audi TT lineup, boasting a powerful 5-cylinder engine and advanced drivetrain technology.
- The 2019 model features a refined design, sharper performance, and a range of sophisticated technology for improved driving dynamics.

Features of this Mod:

- Medium quality (MQ) interior for a realistic driving experience.
- High quality (HQ) exterior to showcase the stunning design of the car.
- Livery support, allowing for customizable appearances.
- Proper lighting, ensuring that lights don't tint and work accurately.
- Breakable glass for added immersion in the game.
- Hands-on steering wheel for enhanced realism.
- Turnable steering wheel and working dials for an authentic driving experience.

Paint Options:

- PAINT:1 Body

Known Bugs: None

Installation Instructions:

Replace Method:
1. Move the files from the "ttrs" folder into the latest patchday directory in your "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" folder.

Addon Method:
1. Place the "ttrs" folder into "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks".
2. Open 'dlclist.xml' in "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data", and add the following line: "dlcpacks:/19tt/".

Important Notes:

- Spawn name for the vehicle is "ttrs".
- A gameconfig.xml file may be required to prevent game crashes.
- The mod creator is not responsible for any in-game damage or issues.

Get behind the wheel of the luxurious and powerful 2019 Audi TT RS in your Grand Theft Auto V game, and experience the thrill of driving a high-performance German sports car!

Car brand: Audi